Grower Patient Resources

3205 S.E. 13th Ave. Ste 420, Portland (Home of the Lucky Bud.)


This is an entirely different way of bringing together OMMP Patients and Growers.

We’re excited to have you join our community. There is no entrance fee.

There are no memberships.

Our resource center is a warm and friendly space for OMMP Card holders to have private consultations with farmers to discuss their, or their patient’s, health care needs. GPR is a place for education and awareness of All Things Medical Marijuana!

Only card holding OMMP patients will be admitted inside the building.

Our facility is fully wheelchair accessible, and handicap parking is available right outside the door in our parking lot.

The easiest entrance is from S.E 12th Avenue, but the parking lot can also be accessed from S.E 13th Avenue.

EXPLORE! We are Constantly Making Improvments to this site, and invite you to tell us How You Really Feel about our content by leaving us a comment or two on any of our pages!     :)  The strain definitions need reviews too! Tell us how you feel about the strains we have on our site and/or available to you!!!!!!!

  • Our ‘Medications Available Today’ Page is Updated At the Beginning of Everyday!!

Grower Patient Resources, 3205 S.E. 13th Avenue, Suite 420, Portland 97202.

Phone (503) 236-4204   Email us at

Please note: There is no on-site medicating at Grower Patient Resources. GPR is a resource center where Growers and Patients are able to Rent a Booth from us at a day rate and disperse their excess medications to you: Cardholder to cardholer. GPR is in compliance with all of Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 475  Read More of the OREGON MEDICAL MARIJUANA ACT (ORS 475.300-ORS 475.346) at the following link:  Full text of Chapter 475 from web site.

22 thoughts on “Home

  1. Michigan Medical Marijuana care provider, looking for triple berry goo seeds. Please help. I had some from Cali, it was very nice. Been five years ago but the search continues…. Any help would b great, thank you.

  2. We offer free ad space to dispensaries that lab test for mold,pesticides and potency. We decided to create our site to promote dispensaries that lab test their strains. Unfortunately, most dispensary finders still use opinion to rate strains. We feel that opinion can be used manipulate patients into donating without proper scientific facts about the medicine they are receiving. We have set up an application form on our site to create leads all names and addresses are investigated for legitimacy. We would like to invite your dispensary to become a member of our site and have a link to your webpage placed in our Oregon Medical Marijuana section of our website free of charge.We wave all advertising fees because of the cost of lab tests we do require dispensaries to test a minimum of four strains every two months.

  3. Norm J. on said:

    Certainly glad I found this place! Looking for relief for my medical conditions from mCRC (colon cancer) treatments. Got help immediately after walking through the door. Stephanie at the front desk was truly amazing! Knowledgeable and a gem to speak with! THANKS… really appreciated your help. When in Portland this will definitely be one of my favorite places to stop. Great place! DO NOT miss out on going there!!! The free goodies were wonderful… A-one++ in quality of service and selections. Highly recommended!

    • luckybudspot on said:

      Thank you Norm, for the wonderful review! We are stoked to be able to serve the medical community in this manner. We feel that by providing one another with information/knowledge, anecdotal evidence, and resources, we can help progress this wonderful herb into the revered spot it belongs! Thank you for the opportunity of such service!!

  4. tim from corvallis on said:

    Its a long drive every couple of months, but I keep doing it because of the quality of medicine, and the kindness and compassion of the folks inside. The ladies at the front deserve kudos for their welcoming smiles.
    RCR’s Steven and Justin are cool and chill growers, have the finest Cin-X, and they even remembers my name when I come in!
    Hallelujah Farms is a treasure trove of current medical cannabis knowledge, has the excellent Bison medibles, and who provides the best all around info for the noob patient.
    I’ve been a patient for 13 years in Cal and Ore. After living through the dispensary wars in So. Cal., I must say these guys in Portland are doing things right and for the long-term.
    Very glad I found you guys :)
    Time to fire-up my wagon and head north, again.

    • luckybudspot on said:

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Tim! It’s always a pleasure when you stop in to see us :-) We look forward to seeing you again soon!

  5. I like this resource because they have great quality! One of my fav resources.

  6. No fee’s to walk in, free joints at the door and in the 3rd room. Friendly people, really good options and edibles.
    I’m a happy patient!

  7. Michael on said:

    I’ve been a card holder now for 13 years and i’m looking for someone that knows how to make honey oil,I know how to make bho i’m looking for a person that knows the old way like it was in the 60s, anyone please help thank you

  8. I have a friend who was just diagnosed with CML, a chronic form of leukemia. I have been reading about cannibus oil and the great affects it has on this disease. Unfortunately we live in Chicago and is not available to us. Michigan is a state that can grow medicinal marijuana, but there are no dispensaries

  9. this is Immediately after the study a few of the blog posts on your web page, and I genuinely like your way of page and OMMP Facility. I bookmarked it to my bookmark site list and is going to be checking back soon.

  10. Love this website, everything I need. Pot resouce cemter love it provides everything medical marijuana patients would ever need.

  11. johnathan on said:

    I visited for the first time the other day, after months of trying to fully figure out my OMMP privileges. And I must say it was the best experience one could have. Very laid back, great knowledge and compassion. Adam with hallelujah farms was the gnarliest dude I have met in ages! Support this place! It is super rad!

    • luckybudspot on said:

      Jonathan, we are so pleased to have left you with such a positive experience! We try here at GPR to progress the medical marijuana movement via information and a community-oriented approach. Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback, and for being a part of our evolution!

  12. Joshua on said:

    THE MOST SPECTACULAR PLACE FOR OMMP! BEST people, BEST BUD, BEST Atmosphere. Extrememly knowledgable about cannabis on all levels. Prices ROCK as WELL, no membership fee!

  13. I love you guys and I\’m bummed I missed the actual grand opening

    I will continue referring people to you!!
    Keep up the super work.
    Maybe one day I can work there (wink)

  14. Sandra Webb on said:

    I was there today, and LOVED it!

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